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The IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (IBM TSM) is an enterprise backup and archiving application. This is the procedure of installing version 7.1.4 on RHEL/CentOS 7.

Download and extract

mkdir /tmp/tivoli
cd /tmp/tivoli
wget http://goo.gl/0KGMXY
tar xvf
mkdir /tmp/tivoli
cd /tmp/tivoli
wget http://goo.gl/0KGMXY
tar xvf

Install required packages

rpm -ivh gskcrypt64-
rpm -ivh gskssl64-

Install TSM

yum localinstall TIVsm-API64.x86_64.rpm
yum localinstall TIVsm-BA.x86_64.rpm

Create directories and files

sudo mkdir -p /etc/adsm/sched­{pre,post}.d
sudo mkdir -p /etc/adsm/inclexcl.d
sudo nano -w /etc/adsm/dsm.sys

Create the dsm.sys

nano -w /etc/adsm/dsm.sys
* specify the name of the default server to 
* which you back up or archive files.
* specify the name of the server you want to contact 
* for backup-archive services.
SErvername XX
* specify connection method {TCPip,SHAREdmem,V6TCPIP,NAMedpipes}
COMMmethod V6TCPip
* specify address + port of the server
TCPServeraddress XX
* name of the node you are configuring
NOdename XX
* commented out to initially change your password
* otherwise used to not have to enter the password everytime
* PASSWORDAccess generate
* keep logs for 10 days
SCHEDLOGRetention 10 D
errorlogretention 10 D
SCHEDLOGName /var/log/adsm_sched.log
errorlogname /var/log/adsm_err.log
* dismiss administrator schedule 
schedcmddisabled yes
SRVPREPOSTSCHeddisabled yes
SRVPREPOSTSNApdisabled yes
* run before backup
PRENSchedulecmd "runparts --report /etc/adsm/schedpre.d"
* run after backup
POSTschedulecmd "runparts --report /etc/adsm/schedpost.d"
* file patterns to include/exclude
INCLExcl /etc/adsm/inclexcl.d/default

Edit client options file

nano -w /etc/adsm/dsm.opt
* servername has to match the one in dsm.sys
SErvername XX
* subdirectories are not backed up automatically
subdir yes
* restore last accessdate after backup
PRESERVELAstaccessdate yes
* add mountpoints or virtual mount points as <span class="bold-italic">virtualmountpoint</span>. 
* You cannot use wildcard characters in either the path or directory names.
* DOMAIN     ALL-LOCAL -/tmp 
* virtualmountpoint /etc

Include/Exclude file

nano -w /etc/adsm/inclexcl.d/default
exclude.dir /dev
exclude.dir /proc
exclude.dir /bin
exclude.dir /lib
exclude.dir /.../tmp
exclude.dir /.../Cache
exclude.dir /.../cache
exclude.dir /.../.Trash
exclude /opt/.../*
exclude /.../core
exclude ~*

Finish installation

Link config files to tivoli directory

sudo ln -s /etc/adsm/dsm.sys /opt/tivoli/tsm/client/ba/bin/
sudo ln -s /etc/adsm/dsm.opt /opt/tivoli/tsm/client/ba/bin/

If you need to change your password, run

sudo dsmc set password

and uncomment the line containing PASSWORDAccess generate afterwards.

Running backups

Now you can run your first backup by executing

sudo dsmc incremental

Create cron job

Create a new script that executes the incremental backup

nano -w /usr/local/sbin/tivoli.sh

with the content

/opt/tivoli/tsm/client/ba/bin/dsmc incremental -quiet 2>&1 >> /var/log/dsmc.log

and add it to the crontab of root to run it everyday at 00:00

crontab -e
0 0 * * * /usr/local/sbin/tivoli.sh