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[[Category:General Setup]]
[[Category:General Setup]]
[[File:Dhvlab san.png]]
== Install packages ==
== Install packages ==
Install the required packages
Install the required packages

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Dhvlab san.png

Install packages

Install the required packages

yum install device-mapper-multipath

Add configuration

Use the following procedure to set up DM-Multipath for a basic failover configuration.
Use the following /etc/multipath.conf

defaults {
    find_multipaths         yes
    polling_interval        5
    no_path_retry           fail
    user_friendly_names     yes
    flush_on_last_del       yes
    fast_io_fail_tmo        5
    dev_loss_tmo            30
    max_fds                 4096

blacklist {
  devnode "^drbd[0-9]"
  device {}

blacklist_exceptions {}

Add service

Then run the following commands

modprobe dm-multipath
service multipathd start
chkconfig multipathd on
multipath -v2

The multipath -v2 command prints out multipathed paths that show which devices are multipathed. If the command does not print anything out, ensure that all SAN connections are set up properly and the system is multipathed.
Make sure the /etc/multipath/bindings /etc/multipath/wwids match on all hosts! Use scp to copy the files to all cluster nodes